Austrian TGW Future Cup

The Future-Cup in Linz has grown to a top event for youth gymnastics in the past years and it could able to establish in the international schedule for important gymnastics meetings.

The 17th Austrian Future Cup has been cancelled. (18-11-2021)


Unfortunately, I have to inform you that the lockdown for Upper Austria that has just been imposed also applies to our event.

The 17th Austrian Future Cup has been cancelled. Hundreds of hours of intensive work, of anticipation of our event, are destroyed in the blink of an eye, so close to the finish. It leaves me and certainly many friends with a deep emptiness. All efforts to adapt ourselves daily anew to the changes and specifications of our government were unfortunately in vain. The whole discipline and assistance of the participating countries did not help, which self-sacrificingly supported all the demands of our government in order to perhaps somehow carry out the competition. That alone shows the value of the Future Cup and that alone is the motivation for me to continue. If the possibility exists, we will try again in 2022.


I wish you all a lot of health, maybe until next year

Greetings Helmut Kranzlmüller

17th Austrian TGW Future Cup at
26th+27th November 2021
in Tips Arena
Ziegeleistraße 76 – 78, 4020 Linz


Invitation 2021