Austrian Future Cup

The Future-Cup in Linz has grown to a top event for youth gymnastics in the past years and it could able to establish in the international schedule for important gymnastics meetings.


More than 160 gymnasts in 29 teams from 18 nations and 3 continents will take part in the 18th Austrian Future Cup (AUS, CAN, SUI, CZE, ENG, FIN, GER, HUN, IRL, ITA, JAP, LUX, NL, SLO, SVK, UKR, WAL, AUT).    

The 18th Austrian Future Cup will take place at 17th and 18th November 2023in the Tips Arena Linz.


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18th Austrian Future Cup at
17th+18th November 2023
in Tips Arena
Ziegeleistraße 76 – 78, 4020 Linz