Russian and Canadian victories at the 16th TGW Future Cup in artistic gymnastics


Great art of gymnastics was celebrated at the 16th TGW Future Cup last weekend at the TipsArena Linz. 136 junior gymnasts from 18 nations from 4 continents showed some world-class performances and a higher level each year in the Upper Austrian capital.

In the team competition, Canada could not repeat the victory of the previous year. This time Team St. Petersburg from Russia, last year still second, headed to the top. They won with 230,700 points and a 6-point lead over Team Canada (224,650) with Felix Dolci in the lead. The British team GBR Leeds finished third with 222,550 points. 4th place went to Great Britain as well with the British national team. Team Japan finished 5th, traveled with very young athletes this year.


In the group of the oldest gymnasts, the junior world champion Felix Dolci won with 79.1250 points with a distance of almost 4 points ahead of Iurii Busse, European Junior Champion from Russia, with 75,550 points. Ivan Brunello of Italy, currently third in the Junior World Championships with 75,100 points, was third in the 'champions' category. In this class, the performances have already been shown at elite level and we can be curious about the performances of these gymnasts in their first elite year. For Austria, Askhab Matiev (70,650) achieved the best result of the Austrian gymnasts in this competition with 11th place and given a respectable performancein the strong starting field.


In the second youngest group of the U16, last year's winner of the U14 group, Timofei Prostakov from Russia, finished first with 76,250 points. Behind him were Harry Hepworth (74,450) from Leeds/GBR in second place and the Japanese Ryutaro Nakamura in 3rd place (74,250). Ryutaro and Ichita Suzuki, who finished fifth, competed very successfully as 13-year-olds in the field of consistently 15- and 16-year-olds. The best Austrian in the category was Paul Schmölzer (68,350) of the National Team in 17th place.


Last year's second-placed Ilia Zotov from St. Petersburg/RUS won the last class of the U14 with 76,300 points and a nearly 4-point lead over the second. Behind it it was close, so places 2 to 6 separated only a whole point. Ivan Sevruk (72,800) finished second ahead of Haruki Fukubayashi (72,450) of Japan in third place. The Vorarlberg Gino Vetter showed in this class some great individual performances (2nd on the floor) and finally ranked 12th overall with 69,650 points.


The Austrians were able to improve slightly on the previous year. The national team (209,900) was ranked 12th in the team standings. All other Austrian teams were in the back of the field due to the strong competition.


Overall, the "Little Linz Gymnastics World Championships" were unanimously praised by all participants for the excellent organization and the loving care. The level of gymnasts shown increases every year and was the highest in the history of the TGW Future Cup. Unfortunately, this year announced strong gymnasts from Ukraine could not be at the start due to injuries.